The Why Behind the What

Check out my daughter and son-in-laws blog! It’s an insightful look as to not only why they are going into the Mission’s field but why they are going where they are going! Enjoy!


There is so much going on with Nicole and I regarding our future, but we haven’t really had a chance to share with everyone what all that is. Here is our attempt to help people understand what is going on with our lives, what exactly our plans are, and what our future is shaping out to look like. Hopefully, we can use this platform to help keep all of our loved ones informed, updated, and possibly even encouraged by our upcoming journey we are about to embark on. My hope is that we could inspire people with our stories, our dreams, and our lives. The plan is to try to post weekly. Both of us will be writing posts, sometimes individually, sometimes together. This first post, you will be hearing from me, Antony. Feel encouraged to leave us messages, ask questions, and even try to set up a time to…

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