There are “Moments to Treasure” each and every day, not only on Holidays, special occasions and vacations, but even the hum-drum Monday’s and rainy days! Sometimes the moment is obvious, but what about those dark days? Can there be treasure there too? I say yes! And believe me, I have learned that the hard way!

Whether you are a young parent or an “empty nester”, young or young at heart,  or somewhere in between, there is something here to inspire you to seek those “Moments to Treasure”.

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Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

a little About Me

Teresa Lyn Barton

Teresa Lyn Barton is a wife, mother, a first-time grandmother, friend, daughter, who loves her family and friends and strives to seek moments to treasure with them each day in some small way! Teresa has learned the importance of being intentional about treasuring each day as a precious gift from God. She loves to laugh and connect with others, seeking ways to brighten another’s day and offering encouragement! She endeavors to live out what she believes to be the most important command; love God and love others! Inspiring and encouraging others with the written word is one of Teresa’s passions.

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