The Trouble With Birthdays

When you were a kid, were you like me and wish you could have your birthday more than once a year? Like at least twice right?? I mean, the party, the presents, the fun! Why shouldn’t we get to celebrate our very own day more than once a year? It didn’t seem fair to me when I was little! It was just a shame to limit such a special day to just one!

Well, now that I am older and rapidly approaching a certain age that seemed so very far away when I was much younger, I am all for having a birthday ban. Maybe every other year at most! Or, like my brother who was born Leap Day, a birthday every four years! That seems fair. The trouble with birthdays though, no matter if you want them more than once a year or not at all, they still roll around! But, as God reminded me a few years ago when I was griping about reaching a certain milestone age, there is the alternative. So, I guess I’ll take the birthday’s!

Today happens to be my birthday- hence the topic of today’s article.  So, to honor all of you who are approaching a certain age you thought was a long way off, I have compiled a list of the good, bad and ugly of approaching a milestone year:

The Bad Things People Say:

  • “You look good for blankety blank age.” Really? Like, why can’t I just look good?
  • “It’s all downhill from here.” Why? Why can’t it be uphill? Why can’t this time of my life be even better?
  • “Do you feel old?” Ummm…No. Should I?

The Ugly:

  • The Reader glasses
  • The inability to eat what I want because of stupid slowing metabolism- did I mention I LOVE chocolate so this is a major sacrifice!
  • Realizing that I am really not in my thirties anymore! I still feel like I am!

The Good:

  • The freedom from worrying about what others think and stepping into who I truly am! I encourage all, no matter what age you are, to do the same!
  • This is just the beginning and not the end! I still have purpose!
  • Learning not to be in denial of my age and embracing life where I am for the moment because life is a blessing and every moment is a treasure!

Enjoy each day you have here, do not take one for granted and be thankful for each breath God puts in your lungs. The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”Job 33:4 So I will celebrate another birthday and be thankful that I can and look forward to an amazing year ahead!

Random Years

My sleepy boy woke in time to help blow out the candles!



My youngest
Celebrating one milestone birthday!


The last time all my kids were all together for my birthday before one moved to AU!

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