Hope In …?

What or who do you put your hope in? Where do you find your hope? A relationship? The stock market? The amount of “likes” on your Social Media posts? Or maybe you put your hope in your job or college degree. Yourself?

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Coming Out Of The Darkness

Ever get scared in the night? In the dark, our imaginations can run wild and things can seem scarier than they actually are. Every little thing becomes a monster. Typical minor problems feel overwhelmingly impossible to deal with in the dead of the night then they can in the light of day. And in those foreboding moments, have you ever had anyone tell you that things will look better in the morning? Why is that? The darkness shrouds reality and twists it into something hideous. Unrecognizable. Unmanageable. When in truth —in the light—it’s not that terrifying, not so unmanageable.

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Originally posted on dacunhamatata:
“Aren’t you afraid?” This question has been one of everyone’s first when my husband and I talk about moving to Kenya to be missionaries. Our response to this question is and always will be, “No.” Don’t get me wrong, I understand why everyone asks this question. In all honesty I have…

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Summer Time Blues

Do you know the song made popular in the nineties by Alan Jackson, Summer Time Blues? Originally by Eddie Cochran and even performed by The Who and others, the song talks about being stuck at work when he’d rather be out having fun in the sun. And being too young to vote he can’t get any help from the government to solve this perplexing dilemma. What’s he gonna do ‘cause there ain’t no cure for the summer time blues? But when I think of Summer Time Blues I think of right now. The time after Labor Day when summer is winding down and the kids are all back in school

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Running On Empty

Run to work, run home, run to the store, run the kids here, run the kids there, fix the dinner, do the laundry, wash the dishes, put the kids
to bed, then collapse into your own bed exhausted only to get up early the next day to do it all again. And we wonder why most people are running short on patience!

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“But I Don’t Want To!”

I mean, let’s be honest, don’t we all have thoughts about doing something like losing weight or finally cleaning out the closet or garage? And in our minds we are soooo motivated and think “Yeah- I’m gonna get it done!” But, when it comes time to actually do the thing, we scream, “But, I don’t want to!” and our positive mind-set quickly becomes negative.

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To Beach Or Not To Beach?

I don’t know about you, but every year about this time, I get antsy for the feel of the cool sand near the water’s edge between my toes. The sound of the waves crashing along the shoreline and the smell of the saltwater and sunblock all beckon me to go!

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The Game Plan Pt. 1

Originally posted on dacunhamatata:
Over the next week, Nicole and I will start posting more about the game plan for the future. We have shared our hearts and revealed the why, now it’s time to reveal the specifics, such as how do we plan to do this, who are we going to do this with,…

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