The Mother L.O.A.D. “S”

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and we are bombarded with advertisements for the “perfect” gift for Mom. From jewelry to flowers and even potatoes. Yes- potatoes! I kid you not! There is a website that will write a customized message on a spud and for just $24.99, ship it to Mom. Now, I ask you, what mom doesn’t want that? (please apply sarcastic tone) As a mom of four, the greatest gifts I ever received were the funky necklaces they made when they were little or an afternoon free of chores because they did them. Or just to be appreciated for all my hard work and perseverance for dealing with toddlers for what seemed like years and years!

So, for all moms out there, whether you are a novice or a veteran, biological, step, foster, grand or mentor, a mom to all or a mom to one, here is a look at the Mother LOADS we moms bear.

red-scribble-heartL- is for all the Love we bear for our children. Unconditional love. Like when your three-year old smears the still-wet paint on the oil painting of “The Last Supper” you’ve been working on diligently in your minimal free time so that bright blue oil paint in the shape of tiny fingers is not only spread across areas you haven’t gotten to yet but is also over the already painted areas. Are you familiar with the painting? Jesus at the table with His disciples? Know what’s on the intricately designed table? Lots of little teeny-tiny pieces of bread and small cups and plates that took considerable time to paint. Know how many miniscule eyes are in the painting? Multiply thirteen by two. All smeared with bright blue paint. Jesus’ face? Bright blue…it’s not supposed to be blue. Unconditional love forgives the mistakes our kids make but also understands that they will make many, many more and when they hit the teen years, you wish the problems were only as big as blue paint smeared across the canvas face of Jesus.

O- On-the-job-training. Is there any other job out there that bears more danger or thrills, heartbreak or adoration, struggles or rewards? And that is all in one day! Motherhood is a woman-and-laptopcontinual learning process and there are no classes to prepare you, no book, (there are some good ones out there to help though), no lesson or test to pass that qualifies you for the job. Nope! It’s all on-the-job-training! You will make mistakes, lots of them, but guess what? It’s okay. Learn from them and apologize. And believe me, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice what you’ve learned! Just when you think you have toddler-hood figured out, they become students and when you figure out how to be a mom to a kindergartner, then they are in Middle School then High School then College so your on-the-job-training NEVER ends! So hang in there and enjoy where you are in your journey as a mom and be thankful for the training you’ve already endured for it has made you stronger and hopefully wiser.

A- Action. I probably do not need to tell you this, but being a mother is an action-packedroller-coaster-1402957872PqZ adventure that never allows for one dull moment! Aside from that though, action is more than what goes on around us- we are action. We are always in motion doing, doing, doing, but also, we are action when we sit at their recitals and concerts and ball games and expeditions. I cannot even begin to count the amount activities we have attended over the years and honestly, I cannot think of one thing I would have rather done with my time than be there with my kids. With my oldest three in college, I have learned how quickly that time goes by so sit back, relax and enjoy and oh- try not to cringe when the saxophonist squeaks out a particularly painful note.

african-hair-dayD- Diligence. Hard-working, conscientious, and industrious is how the New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary defines diligent. If you have been a mom for five minutes, you know what I am talking about here. Rest? What is that? You vaguely remember a time in your life that you used to be able to sleep through the night or sit down and watch an entire thirty-minute show or maybe even a two-hour movie! A mother’s diligence is a worthy and honorable load to bear and one day, (hang in there for one day), your kids will thank you! While what you do may seem unappreciated now, one day your reward will be their gratitude for all you’ve done for them! Which leads us into S!

S- Sacrifice. Come on Mom’s! You know exactly what I’m talking about here! The hours of chocolate-cake-14033387428KE.jpgsleep lost or spent behind the wheel as you drive them anywhere and everywhere feeling like your vehicle is an extension of home. That last piece of chocolate cake you’ve been eyeing or the leftover Chinese food in the fridge? Sure, they can have it instead. New shoes for you or new baseball equipment for your son? A night out with the girls or taking your teen daughter and her friends to the movies? Your heart when they are sick or hurt (physically or emotionally) or when they want to rebel. Your peace of mind when they are out driving alone for the first time or actually each and every time they are driving. All sacrificed because of your love for them!

Is all this worth it? I don’t even hesitate to answer YES! There is so much treasure in all the moments while raising kids, even the trying ones! The greatest gift for mothers, I believe, is the love and appreciation of our kids for all the LOADS we bear in the name of motherhood!

Proverbs 31:28 Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:

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