Won’t Hold Back

Reaching Your Full Potential

Do you believe you have potential? Can you see your potential? If you can’t, why not? No—seriously—why not? Try taking out pen and paper and write down your reasons. We’ll come back to that later.

We all have potential but do you ever feel like there are “things” in life holding you back from reaching your full potential? Try writing them down— we’ll come back to that later too. What is holding you back aside from just absolute lack of capability? For example; if you can’t carry a tune then you probably won’t be America’s next legendary rock star but you do have potential for other things. I’m talking about “things” in your world like; fear of rejection, a situation you never imagined yourself in, negative people, etc. There are all sorts of road-blocks but I would venture to say that some road-blocks we put up ourselves.


To learn what they are requires some in-depth searching within ourselves and let’s face it—most of us don’t want to dig too deep but we aren’t doing ourselves any favors if we don’t. Once you discover what’s holding you back— your road-block—you can then begin to find detours. Suppose you want to further your education by earning a college degreeimg_5452_edited and maybe there’s the very real road-block of lack of finances. So what could be a detour? Maybe take one class at a time for a couple of years and work to save the money until you can get that degree. There are solutions if we’re just willing to find them. Solutions that will help us reach our goal by using our potential.

But reaching our potential does require action. Imagine your potential is a like a seed. A seed is just a seed until planted. Likewise, our potential remains dormant until we plant it, water it and give it some sunshine. Then we will see it grow into something beautiful.


Now ask yourself: Where do I have potential? Am I willing to step out of my comfort zone to reach my potential? Am I willing to face rejection and then get back up and try again? Am I willing to go against the “status quo”? Am I willing to ignore “well-meaning” peoples’ advice? Am I willing to be patient while my seed grows?


So, what’s holding you back? What’s the record playing in your head? Does it sound like a negative barrage of past failures and faults? If so, then flip it to Side B. (Remember vinyl?) Side B plays a different tune. It says that despite past mistakes, you can get back up and try again. Side B says that despite your faults you also have gifts and talents that are valuable and when used they will add value to others. This song says I am strong; I can do this; I am worthy; I am fearfully and wonderfully made; I can get up when knocked down; nothing will hold me back.


Photo Credit: Jack Hamilton


When you start singing a different tune, your attitude toward your potential will change. It’s a song of hope. And there isn’t a moment that passes by that we don’t need to have hope. Remember that list you wrote? Now tear it up and throw it away! Whether you see your potential or not, it’s there, lying like a seed waiting to be planted. I find visuals helpful so if you do too maybe give this a try as a visual reminder: get a Styrofoam cup, some potting soil and a seed (any type) and plant it. Water it, put it in a sunny window and watch it sprout. Watch it bloom into something beautiful and wonderful and imagine that seed as your potential and don’t let anything hold you back.


Photo Credit: Franceso Gallarotti


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